Crossroads: I Live Where I Like (Isotrope Media, 2013-2016) is a graphic novel history series on women’s organized resistance to slum clearance in Crossroads South Africa, 1975-2015. Drawing on over sixty life narratives conducted as PhD research this series of 6 comic books tells the story of women who built and defended Crossroads, the only African informal settlement that successfully resisted the Apartheid bulldozers in Cape Town. The series story follows women’s organized resistance through from the peak of apartheid to ongoing struggles for decent shelter today and was developed through discussions with activists reflecting on the role of this history in the present. The books were drawn by the Trantraal Brothers, political cartoonists best known for their comic book Coloureds and their weekly strips in the Cape Times and the Rapport.

Key historical questions about the social geography of the reproduction of segregation across the apartheid/post1994 period raised in this comic book series be found in an article by Koni Benson, “A ‘Political War of Words and Bullets:’ Defying and Defining Sides of Struggle for Housing in Crossroads,” Journal of Southern African Studies (41.2, 2015). Questions of alternative modes of scholarship deployed to produce the series are sketched out in Koni Benson, “Graphic Novel Histories: Women’s Organized Resistance to Slum Clearance in Crossroads South Africa, 1975-2015,” Special Edition: Forty Years of African Women’s Studies, Part 2, Kathleen Sheldon and Judith Van Allen (eds) African Studies Review (58.4, forthcoming 2016). The series was launched in conversation with Zapiro at the Book Lounge, and extensive interview features were written about the way series engages beyond academia in City Press, on Amandla Radio, and in the University of Cape Town’s  Monday Monthly.